Giant Chess at Morgan Crossing

As part of a “Week of Chess in BC” event, the Langley Chess Club and the Chigorin Chess Club arranged a friendly match over a Giant Chess set at Morgan Crossing in South Surrey.

The event took place on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 and ran for about 90 minutes. There was some one-on-one games, a team game where players alternate moves, and one consultation game where players on a team could discuss options.


Discussing a plan during the team consultation game

The area around the large tiled Chess board has a number of stores and restaurants, which made for a lot of spectators. At any given time there were on average 10 people watching, and over the course of the games, we might have had up to 200 people stop to look for a few seconds or a few minutes.


The Chess Players: Andrew, Konstantin, Pavel, Maryna

Also, thanks to the White Knights Chess Academy for lending us the Giant Chess pieces (Morgan Crossing has them available during business hours).

An event like this has a lot of potential for repeat performances, and is a great way to promote Chess to the general public. Want to join in next time? Watch for an event announcement and make plans to be there!