Langley Open 2017


Location: Brookswood Senior Centre, 19899-36 Ave, Langley, BC (See map)

Dates: September 2 – 4, 2017 (Labour Day Weekend)

Details: Open, Swiss format. 6 Rounds. Time control of 90 minutes each, with 30 second increment.

Sections: One section!

Equipment: Please bring a board, set, and clock!

Round Times:
Round 1 – Saturday, Sep 2, 10:00am
Round 2 – Saturday, Sep 2, 4:00pm
Round 3 – Sunday, Sep 3, 10:00am
Round 4 – Sunday, Sep 3, 4:00pm
Round 5 – Monday, Sep 4, 9:00am
Round 6 – Monday, Sep 4, 2:00pm

Tournament Director: Brian Davidson


$60 until Aug 11. $70 after Aug 11 up to registration.
Free Entry for Players Rated 2300 (CFC) or above.

Family Rate: $30 per player for 2nd and above family member


Prize Fund of $2000 based on a minimum of 40 players, with generous prizes for Best Under 2000 rated player, Best Under 1700 rated player and biggest upset! All levels welcome! Please contact us if you wish to be a sponsor.



Register today using the button below. You do not need a PayPal account, and can pay by credit card.

Early Entry Fee:
Name of Chess Player(s)
Rating(s) if known

Online Registration is now closed. Please register on site prior to Round 1, Saturday, Sep 2, between 9:15 am to 9:50 am. Payment by cash or cheque.

By Mail

If you want to send a cheque to pay in advance, please note the deadlines for early bird registration under “ENTRY FEE”. Cheques should be mailed (payable to The Langley Chess Club, c/o Hugh Long) to: 23810 – 52 Ave, Langley, BC V2Z 2P3. Include a note that gives the name of the player(s), and CFC number(s) if you know it.

On Site

You can register on site prior to Round 1, Saturday, Sep 2, 9:15 am to 9:50 am.


CFC rated. You may purchase a CFC membership at registration, or do it online at the CFC website in advance.

Half-point byes may be requested for all but the last round. Byes for the last round will be zero points. Please bring sets, boards and clocks. A one-hour grace period will be given before games are forfeited.

This tournament (the 12th Annual Langley Open) is a qualifier for the BC Closed Championships. The winner of the Langley Open will qualify, and in the event of a tie, there will be no playoff. Instead, the winner will be deemed to be the person with the highest cumulative score


Free parking in the lot for the building, and on surrounding streets.


For any questions regarding this tournament, please use the contact details below:

Tournament Promoter Andrew Hoyer
Club President Hugh Long or 604-530-4693
Tournament Director Brian Davidson


Player Rating Notes Payment
Xie Qiu 2095 PayPal
Joe Roback 2089
Jason Williamson 2057 PayPal
Daniel E. Salcedo 1981 PayPal
Michael Su 1892 PayPal
Andrew Hemstapat 1882 PayPal
Jofrel Landingin 1875 PayPal
Leo Qu 1842 On Site
Severo (Juni) Caluza 1824 PayPal
Kai Wang 1792 PayPal
Duane Angelvette 1687 Cheque
Callum Lehingrat 1676 PayPal
Chuyang Gu 1658 PayPal
Hugh Long 1633 Cheque
Robert L. Barron 1632 PayPal
Robert Hamm 1589 PayPal
Marionito Jose 1588 PayPal
Brian Davidson 1562
Stephen Lester-Smith 1515 PayPal
Andrew Hoyer 1470 PayPal
Stephen Ejack 1420 PayPal
Julius Briner 1403 PayPal
Norman Batisse 1303 Cheque
Joshua Imoo 1216 PayPal
Kenneth Mitchell 1210 CFC 2015-09-07 PayPal
Stewart Paulson 1205 Bye Rnd 2 PayPal
Gurbaz Singh 1204 PayPal
Ethan Su 1199 PayPal
Caolan Martin 1196 CFC 2016-03-28 PayPal
Daniel Wang 1190 PayPal
Jerry Chen 1130 PayPal
Jerry (Q.D.) Wang 1126 PayPal
Brian Cameron 1060 PayPal
Dylan Fraser 1049 PayPal
Edward Enns 1036 PayPal
Elaine Fan 1011 PayPal
Anna Van 972 PayPal
Henry Yang 940 PayPal
Peter Yong Qiu 936 PayPal
Eric Shao 934 PayPal
Ryan Yu 911 PayPal
Bo Wen (Angelina) Yang 885 PayPal
Andrew Xu 871 PayPal
Andrew Yu Qiu 826 PayPal
Brian Yang 807 PayPal
Eric Jiang 800 PayPal

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