Peter Yee Memorial


Unofficial Results
Name (Rating) R1 R2 R3 R4 Tot
1. Brian McLaren (2087) W5 W11 W6 W4 4.0
2. Savvas Kyriakides (2057) W16 W12 L4 W8 3.0
3. Andrew Hoyer (1550) W15 H- H- W7 3.0
4. Richard Ingram (1881) D8 W13 W2 L1 2.5
5. Victoria Jung-Doknjas (1461) L1 W15 H- W9 2.5
6. Joshua Doknjas (2098) W9 W10 L1 U- 2.0
7. Robert Hao (1668) L11 W16 W10 L3 2.0
8. Brian Davidson (1591) D4 H- W11 L2 2.0
9. Mau-Seng Lee (1483) L6 W14 W12 L5 2.0
10. Kevin [Qiwen] Tang (1005) W13 L6 L7 W15 2.0
11. Brandon Zhu (949) W7 L1 L8 W14 2.0
12. Neil Doknjas (1823) W14 L2 L9 U- 1.0
13. Hugh Long (1715) L10 L4 L14 W16 1.0
14. Julius Briner (1231) L12 L9 W13 L11 1.0
15. Loukas Kyriakides (281) L3 L5 W16 L10 1.0
16. John Kirkbride (1319) L2 L7 L15 L13 0.0


We are happy to announce a total of $457 raised for the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. This is higher than the amount reported at the Opening Ceremony because donations continued to come in throughout the event.


The Langley Chess Club is pleased to announce a tournament to remember and acknowledge our friend and fellow Chess player, Peter Yee. Peter was a long time member of the Langley Chess Club and played tournaments there frequently for many years.

All profits from this tournament will be donated to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation In Memory of Peter Yee for the Leukemia/BMT program.

In addition to playing this tournament, we suggest making a direct donation in remembrance of Peter to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. To make a special donation, click here.

To register for the tournament, scroll down to the registration form.


Location: Brookswood Senior Centre, 19899-36 Ave, Langley, BC

Dates: June 13 & 14, 2015

Details: Open, Swiss format. 4 Rounds. Time control of 90 minutes each, with 30 second increment. CFC rated.

Equipment: Please bring a board, set, and clock!

Opening Ceremony – Saturday, June 13, 9:50am
Round 1 – Saturday, June 13, 10:00am
Round 2 – Saturday, June 13, 4:00pm
Round 3 – Sunday, June 14, 9:00am
Round 4 – Sunday, June 14, 3:00pm

Tournament Director: Brian Davidson




This tournament has no prizes. All profits will go to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation In Memory of Peter Yee for the Leukemia/BMT program


Online: Register today!

Online Registration is now closed. Please register on site prior to Round 1, Saturday, June 13, 9:15 am to 9:50 am. Payment by cash or cheque.

On Site

You can register on site prior to Round 1, Saturday, June 13, 9:15 am to 9:50 am.


CFC rated. You may purchase a CFC membership at registration, or do it online at the CFC website.

Up to 3 byes may be requested. Half-point byes will be given for the first three rounds. Byes for the last round will be zero points. Please make all bye requests before the end of Round 1.

Please bring sets, boards and clocks. A one-hour grace period will be given before games are forfeited.


Free parking in the lot for the building, and on surrounding streets.


For any questions regarding this tournament, please use the contact details below:

Tournament Promoter Andrew Hoyer
Promoter / Photographer Victoria Doknjas
Club President Hugh Long or 604-530-4693
Tournament Director Brian Davidson


Player Rating Notes Payment
NCM Joshua Doknjas 2098 On Site
NM Brian McLaren 2087 On Site
Savvas Kyriakides 2057 CFC Expired PayPal
NCM Richard Ingram 1912 PayPal
Neil Doknjas 1823 On Site
Hugh Long 1715 On Site
Robert Hao 1605 PayPal
Brian Davidson 1591 On Site
Andrew Hoyer 1550 PayPal
Mau-Seng Lee 1483 On Site
Victoria Jung-Doknjas 1461 On Site
John Kirkbride 1319 On Site
Julius Briner 1231 PayPal
Kevin Tang 1005 PayPal
Brandon Zhu 949 PayPal
Loukas Kyriakides 281 CFC Expired PayPal


These people have generously donated money specifically to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation outside of tournament registration. To donate a special amount, click here.

Total donated so far: $365

Donor Payment
Ralph Lavallee Cash
Konstantin Pyryaev PayPal
Paul Leblanc PayPal
Langley Chess Club Cash
Richard Ingram PayPal
Anca Datcu-Romano PayPal
James Chan PayPal
Robert Barron PayPal
Paul Coxe PayPal